Beautiful Stained Glass Rose Suncatcher, for Bridal Party Favors, Wedding Party Gifts, or to say 'Thank You' to Your Friends!
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Special Order Stained Glass Rose

Lower Price for Quantity Orders!

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The rose has always been a symbol of love and beauty.

Our lovely "Special Order Rose" is available to people who want quantity orders, to give as stained glass bridal party favors, or wedding party gifts, or thank you gifts to a group of individuals ... any occasion that calls for multiple items that are beautiful and unique.

If you want to preview only one first, prior to placing your larger order, you can purchase one for the regular price of $19 (plus shipping). After receiving it, if you then decide you want to order a quantity (minimum of 10), you can do so at $16 each by either returning to this page or by calling us directly at:  Phone Number.  Keep in mind that quantity orders take longer to construct, so please be very sure to allow for that extra time, so we can best get them to you well before your deadline.

"Rose" - Special Order Suncatcher
6.5" high x 3" wide
$16 each in quantity (minimum 10)
Available in Red, Pink, White, and Yellow
  • Each rose comes ready to hang, with explanation card;
  • You can get all one color, or, break your order up into multiple colors;
  • We do not deposit your charge or check until we begin work on your roses.
  • Shipping for 10 or more of our special roses is a maximum of $17 no matter what the quantity over 10.
Here is an example of the savings you'll get when ordering in quantity...

If you had ordered 15 of our handmade roses at the regular price of $19 it would be $285, plus the shipping totals $302. However at our special order price, those same 15 rose suncatchers will be $240, plus shipping totals $257, a savings of $45!


SINGLE ROSE ONLY:  Purchase just one of our roses if you want to view it first prior to ordering in quantity.

Leave the "1" in the box; Select Color; press "Add to Cart" button:

      Single Rose Only - $19



QUANTITY ORDERS:   Minimum of 10 @ $16 each

Single Color Only:   Place the amount in the box; choose your color; click "Add to Cart" button; then complete the credit card information.

Multiple Colors:   Place the amount for each individual color in the box; choose that color from the pull down menu; click "Add to Cart" button; then use your browser's BACK BUTTON to return to this page and repeat those actions until you are finished.

For example, if you want 7 red, 6 pink, and 5 white, then you would submit the red, then return to this page 2 more times using the "Back" button, once for the 6 pink and once for the 5 white.

As soon as you have all the colors you want, complete the cart credit card information and submit....

 Quantity:      Special Order Rose - $16 each





All artwork and design copyright by Contois Reynolds.
Reproductions strictly prohibited. Worldwide rights reserved.