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Special Stained Glass Suncatchers
Lower Prices for Quantity Orders!
  The Contois Reynolds Studio has been handcrafting originally designed stained glass suncatchers for decades, and selling them on the World Wide Web since 1996. On occasion our customers contact us to see about purchasing a quantity of one of our designs, to give out to a number of their friends, family, customers, employees, or club members.
  Each of the designs below is available at a lower price if purchased in quantity (minimum of 10, sent to a single address). So for example, if you are getting married and want a special gift for your bridal party, then our exquisite rose is the perfect choice, as it is an everlasting symbol of love; a stained glass butterfly is a beautiful item for garden clubs or any group that loves nature; or if you are Irish and want to give your friends a "good luck" 4 Leaf Clover or 3 Leaf Shamrock for St. Patrick's Day, then we have just the right selection for you too. We are also pleased to offer selections to churches or religious organizations that want to give their members a beautiful & long lasting symbol of their faith.
Our originally designed & handcrafted stained glass will last a lifetime, so it is a gift that is appreciated for many, many years!
  It's important to remember that all our work is handmade and thus it takes a bit longer to construct a quantity order, so please allow adequate time to get everything to you ~ if you have any questions about meeting a deadline, you can easily [Email Us] and we'll get back to you promptly.
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[Special Butterfly]
[Special Rose]
4 Leaf Clover
[Special 4 Leaf Clover]
All items arrive ready to hang!
Christian Fish Symbol
[Christian Fish Symbol]
3 Leaf Clover Shamrock
[3 Leaf Shamrock]
We Ship Nationwide

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