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stained glass artisans Ann and Steve at Falling Water
Steve & Ann at Frank Lloyd
Wright's "Falling Waters" house
Ann Contois and Steve Reynolds are refugees from "big city life", having lived for many years in wild and wonderful West Virginia. We always had an adopted bunch of stray dogs affectionately called "The Motley Crew", and cats too, including "Spike the Cat", who was known with fear and trepidation to the small critters in the area as "The Terminator".

More recently we moved to the beautiful Northwest, in sight of magnificent Mount Spokane with our feline friends Atticus, Desty & Sonkitte.

We have been providing top quality, originally designed and handmade stained glass work to our customers since 1975 ~ we first began presenting our work online in 1996, and have since fulfilled thousands of orders over the years.

Ann graduated from the University of California with a degree in Art, and developed a love of glass during extensive travels with her military family in Germany, Japan, and Cambodia. Steve is a graduate of Loyola College in Baltimore, and was a professional photographer in Maryland and West Virginia before becoming a glass artist.

The Contois Reynolds Glass Studio won numerous awards at juried art shows around the United States during the 2 decades that we spent exhibiting at major art/craft festivals, and completed many [special commissions] over the years.

Since August of 2000 the work has been available exclusively via the World Wide Web at our own websites, plus at Etsy.com and at Amazon.com.

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