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Contemporary Mirrors offers a wide selection of handcrafted stained glass wall mirrors in art deco, fantasy, space, floral, southwestern, and modern designs. All styles come ready to hang ... safe delivery guaranteed.

Fantasy Inspired Mirror Designs

Floral Mirror Designs

Space Art Mirrors

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Southwestern & Native American Inspired

Mid-Size Mirrors

Smaller Mirror Designs


2 Roses Mirror
4 Roses Mirror
4 Roses Mirror - Midsize
6 Roses Mirror
Small 6 Sided Art Deco Mirror
Black Bear Mirror
White Buffalo Mirror
Crest Mirror
Small Diamond Mirror
Midsize Diamond Mirror
Dogwood Mirror
Egyptian Mirror
Fairy Princess Mirror
Art Deco Fan Mirror
Midsize Art Deco Fan Mirror
Floral Mirror
Jeweled Dragon Mirror
Contemporary Round Mirror
Small Moon Mirror
Large Moon Mirror
Small Oblong Art Deco Mirror
Mermaid Mirror
Small Oval Rose Mirror
Royal Dragon Mirror
Roses Mirror
Midsize Round Mirror - Black
Midsize Round Mirror - White
Small Round Rose Mirror
Small Round Mirror
Saturn Mirror
Sun Mirror
Medium Square Mirror
Opposites Attract
Universe Mirror - Black
Universe Mirror - White
Wizard & Staff Mirror
Howling Wolf Mirror
Modern Round Wall Mirror

Wall Mirror
Decorative Mirrors
Hall Mirror
Art Deco Mirrors
Stained Glass Mirrors
Frameless Contemporary Wall Mirrors

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