Stained glass jewelry ~ hand crafted earrings and pins with cosmic imagery, crystals, and handpainted gold
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Stained Glass Jewelry ~ Handcrafted Cosmic Earrings & Pins

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Stained Glass Sun + Moon Jewelry The Contois Reynolds Studio has been making stained glass jewelry since 1989, first selling these highly unique creations at top quality arts & crafts festivals, then in 1996 making them available to great enthusiasm via the World Wide Web.

The response from the public has been tremendous, with most people saying that they've never seen stained glass jewelry like this ever before. There's a reason for that -- no one has ever made anything quite like our original work! Crescent Moon earrings

There are several elements that make our selections special, but primarily it is the remarkably lightweight (but strong!) stained glass, onto which we kiln fire handpainted 22k gold. Once the firing is completed, the pieces are assembled using the finest imported Austrian faceted crystals, so the overall effect is absolutely dazzling.

You'll be happy to know that all of our stained glass earrings & pins are available in a [variety of colors], and are designed for either pierced or non-pierced ears (all earwires are hypo-allergenic). If you like your earrings a little longer then go for French earwire (also known as "fishhooks, as pictured above), but if a shorter pair is your preference, then you can request posts.

Remember that at your satisfaction is unconditionally guaranteed ~ all orders are totally secure, shipping is free (continental USA), and all the compliments you receive are your's to keep & enjoy ;)

Go to our... [Cosmic Glass Earrings] or our [Celestial Pins]

Remarkably lightweight and comfortable to wear!

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