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Contois Reynolds at the Philadelphia (Philly) Folk Festival Philadelphia Folk Festival crowd scene

We first introduced our Cosmic Jewelry line of stained glass earrings and pins at the Philadelphia (Philly) Folk Festival...and were amazed at how eagerly the crowd scooped them up!

By sunset on Sunday, the last day of the three day festival, everywhere we looked we saw beautiful, independent, lovely women wearing our Cosmic Jewelry glass earrings. They all loved the special aura now surrounding them with the glittering, twinkling glass and crystals and gold. They valued the fine craftsmanship of hand-crafted jewelry - no two pair are ever exactly alike - and they delighted in knowing that, just like the stars in the universe, each pair is as unique as its individual owner.

Wonderful people everywhere continue to find small treasures in our Cosmic Jewelry - romantic mementos of very magical times and places - like the Philly Folk Festival, or that special time of your own making!

Philadelphia Folk Festival beautiful woman wearing glass earrings

Philadelphia Folk Festival crowd and stagePhilly Folk Festival - Cole and Steve and Ann in booth
Philadelphia Folk Festival - David BrombergPhilly Folk Festival - our glass jewelry booth

If you have been looking for these special earrings ever since, or if you have been looking for jewelry that is truly unique and fun to wear ... search no more -- we look forward to hearing from you!

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